Oooh la la! Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse


French reader Marie wrote us such a fantastic review a couple of weeks ago on French haircare brand Phyto that I was absolutely dying for her to fill us in on another gorgeous French brand. And Nuxe is so gorgeous. Nuxe products are natural, smell delicious and are often multipurpose. Before I drift into rhapsodies I'll let Marie give you the gen.

"Following the huge request for me talking about another French brand, I would really like to share my enthusiasm about Nuxe. Nuxe has been around for something like 20 years, thanks to their star product: Huile Prodigieuse. It's moisturising, nourishing and gives your skin a lovely glow. You can find it in a gold version which looks great on the tanned skin. You can use it on skin or hair. It's the best smell ever. It's without silicones or other dirty things."

"Another great Nuxe product: the lip balm. It's made with honey and orange blossom, comes in a little glass pot that last for ages, and is really the most nourishing balm I've ever met. My aunt is a nurse, and she uses it on her patients in the hospital, on burns and dry patches."

"The rest of the range is equally nice. The best selling face cream is called Creme Fraiche and works wonders on tired skin. Nuxe have just released a 4 in 1 body product that I absolutely want to try; it is a light self tan that moisturises, firms and shimmers. Maybe it also makes the coffee, I don't know. You can buy it online at a very reasonable price on"


"Last but not least : Nuxe have the most beautiful spa in the very middle of Paris, if someone goes there can you please steal a scented Nuxe candle for me, they don't sell them anymore and it was even better than Dyptique."

"Voila voila"

Thank you Marie! I can't wait for your next review!

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