Office Appropriate: Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise Cologne

vanilla and anise cologne

We've been looking at makeup buys that are great for the office, but scent's another thing you have to consider for the work environment: anything too strong is likely to cause dissension amongst the ranks so it's best to play it safe. It's not just about giving a good impression either - lots of people are allergic to the chemicals in fragrance, so you might be adding pounding headaches into the mix if you lay it on too thick.

Fragrance is a really individual thing and it's a sure-fire way to express your personality - a Dior Poison wearer is a bit of seductress, a Ralph Lauren Romance spritzer is a girly gal and a woman who wears a man's scent is probably one not to be messed with.

With that in mind,  what's good for workwear?


I really like Jo Malone's latest, Vanilla and Anise cologne, from €49 for 30ml. Her last couple of launches have played it a bit safer, but this is a return to the era of Lime Basil and Mandarin, a fragrance with initial sweetness and then an unexpected edge. The vanilla in this baby is creamy smooth, but the anise kicks in to add that characteristic off-kilter bite I love about Jo Malone's most olfactorally-successful scents.

It's individual without being offensive, and ticks all my boxes, I think: it's a great scent for one, secondly it's got enough personality to let you express yours, and thirdly, it's not going to have you hauled into the bosses office under threat of a firing.

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