Ohhhhh <i>Yes</i>: Smashbox Cosmetics' O-Gloss


Tell me this and tell me no more - what's the absolute worst thing about lipgloss? The gloopiness? The way strands of your hair always end up getting stuck in it? The lack of colour payoff? The non-long lastingness? Ah not at all. Surely to God it's the fact that it never knows you'd secretly love a choccie biccy with your cup of tea, doesn't think of asking how your day went before you ask it, and reckons that a slap on the arse is the way to go when you're in desperate need of a hug!

Like most men, d'you see, lipgloss is not actually intuitive... unless it's Smashbox's O-Gloss, that is. This little beaut is a bit of a Magic Marker jobbie for lips, going on clear and then reacting with your own skin chemistry (well, so says the blurb) to turn a pink specifically customised for your own pout. Sounds dreadfully gimmicky, but the other night I recruited Mam and my sister for a spot of testing and we all lashed on the O-Gloss - and it did look a different pink on each one of us. Coooool.

Apart from giving lips a shot of your own perfect pink (mine's a gorgeous bright fuschia that looks quite opaque and instantly perks up my complexion), this lasts well and leaves a pretty stain even when the gloss is gone. It's tasteless and delivers high-shine without stickiness: Himself has given it the thumbs up, so it's probably a good bet if your fella is always moaning about your gloopy pout but you don't want to give up the gloss!


€25. See our Stockists page for details of where to buy.

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