Deep Fat Fryer Face: When Dewy Skin Becomes A Greasy Mess

The infamous skin glow is something we have been told to strive after for years now. Every magazine is pushing products that will help us achieve it, every makeup company is creating a product to help. Everywhere matte foundations and mattifying powders are being slammed, particularly in the run up to Spring/Summer.

This year, however, they are taking it a step beyond.

Alexander Wang SS14 Alexander Wang SS14

I should state now, dewy skin is not for me. As someone with an oily T-zone, the idea of a shiny face scares me no end. You probably know from my post on foundations that I like a demi-matte finish. In my younger days I caked on the powder like someone from the 1920s but now I seek a happy medium - usually a demi-matte foundation with a dusting of powder on the T-zone and added highlights to the cheekbones and cupid's bow for a night out.

The Spring/Summer catwalks couldn't disagree more. Those of a sensitive disposition, look away NOW.

Kenzo SS14, Philip Lim SS14 Kenzo SS14, Philip Lim SS14

The makeup artists at Alexander Wang, Philip Lim and Kenzo all used facial oils over the models' foundation for a greasy glow. Okay, that wasn't their aim but by God, that's what they achieved. They wanted the models to look young and fresh but in my opinion, they look like they just finished a shift in McDonald's with their heads over the fryers.

I have tried some great facial oils, my favourite being from Irish Rain whose Revitalising Facial Oil (€19.99) feels so lush. However, I apply it before bed so people don't see my big shiny head.

And if I did want to add a highlight to my skin, I love Illamasqua's Gleam in 'Aurora', a beautiful cream glow or Inglot's AMC White Highlighting Powder, a silvery white powder perfect for pale skins. (Check out some of our other favourite highlighters here.)

Facial Oil and Highlighters

And remember, do not get facial oils and facial highlighters mixed up. Just no. Do check out our guide to getting glowy but natural skin here.


What say you? Are you a fan of glowing skin? Would you go so far as to use an oil?

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