Old Faithful: NARS Manhunt Lipstick

nars manhunt

It occurred to me recently that there are a load of products I use a lot and which I may mention in passing on other posts, but which have never been given one of their own. A shocking oversight, I'm sure you'll agree, so I hereby begin an occasional series (when I occasionally remember to do it, er) of some of my really can't-live-without staples.

One of them is NARS' Manhunt lipstick. I think this might be actually the perfect red.  Well, it's certainly got the perfect name, so it's off to a cracking start, wha wha?

Described as a 'sheer poppy red', I'd argue it's got quite a bit more coverage than the sheer moniker would lead you to believe, but it's still a fantastic choice for a scarlet novice: it's bright, it's very cheerful -  it's a 'true' scarlet - but it doesn't have that heavy, opaque 'lipstick' look and feel that puts women off. Finish-wise, it's soft and quite satiny, and the slight transparency makes it a brilliant red for summer, too.


I usually apply this directly from the bullet or pat it on with my fingers for a soft, but bight finish. It lasts and wears well - leaving lips soft and without horrible flakey bits, which are a side-effect of so many lipsticks.

At €25, it's a pricier option and NARS is also hard to find here - Brown Thomas Dublin are the only stockist.  But it really is worth it - I reach for this time and time again.

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