Oliva Palermo Hints at a Fashion House - Will The Secret To Her Blow-Dry Come With It?

Olivia Palermo's burgeoning fashion empire has been on the up and up since her The City days; it can't be denied that working for for Diane von Furstenberg and Elle are super stepping stones.

Since then, Olivia has collaborated with Westward Leaning and Altuzarra to bring out her own line of specs and shoes and she's also beavering away on her style site. So when, oh when is she bringing out her own clothing line?

In an interview with The Edit, she said: "I have my hands full at the moment. I would love to start my own [fashion] house but it's not the right time...I feel like I can do it in stages and when the timing is right to do it, then I will."

OK, so we're none the wiser, but still it's an excuse to have a hawk at her latest attire and her ever glorious head of hair. Seriously, what is her secret?

Olivia Burbery Olivia Palermo before the Burberry show at Paris Fashion Week

Are you a fan of Palermo's look? Has she got what it takes to create a successful 'Fashion House' and more importantly, do you think you would wear something from her line?

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