OMG! The Week is Nearly Over and we Haven't Mentioned Lush Once!

buffyPhew! Thank God I realised in time. A week on in which Lush is not mentioned is, quite frankly, a travesty.

I shall seek to immediately remedy this situation with a review of the fab Buffy. It used to be called Buffy the Backside Slayer, but Joss Whedon & Co objected (honestly, I can't see why - what a fab homage) and now it's just called plain ole Buffy. But that's all that's changed. It's still a fantastic exfoliating bar that you can genuinely feel working due to the absolute tons of scrubbing grains in the formulation. It's also lovely and moisturising too.

Leap into the shower or bath, sweep Buffy up and down any area that needs a little smoothing - the top of arms, thighs and ass, and you're guaranteed a sweetly smelling smooth derierre like never before. It's quite simply wonderful. Cocoa and Shea butters moisturise and ground almonds and rice smooth your rough skin. It smells good too - it's full of lavender and lemon oils. And the other thing I like a lot about it is that you don't need a body lotion afterwards - it's so rich that your skin is smooth and feels oiled even after washing.


Surely all that excellence won't come cheap? Wrong! Buffy is a steal - a 90gm bar is about 6 odd quid!

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