Origins Gloomaway Body Buff - And What Are You Using In Your Shower RIGHT NOW?!

Origins Gloomaway Body Buff Cleanser

So there's something special that I like to start my day with. It gives me a glow, makes me feel better about the morning and puts a great big smile on my face. No, you dirtbirds - not that! I'm talking about my new favourite shower product: Origins Gloomaway Body Buffing Cleanser.

This grapefruit exfoliating bodywash smells delish - like grapefruit (well d'uh, says you) but a sweeter version of the fruit. It's so yummy I'm tempted to lick my arms when I get out of the shower. It leaves my skin feeling super soft but above all that, it really makes me happy - and this from a girl who's normally so dejected about the mornings she can barely grunt hello.

Origins gloomaway range


It's €27 but you know what? Never has a product been so aptly named. For managing to lift my spirits of a morning, it's worth every single penny. The matching body mist, bath bar and body souffle are next on my list.

So tell me - what are you using in your shower RIGHT NOW?! Is it brilliant, or a little bit pants? To the comments!

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