Beaut.ienomics: Lidl's Osiris Avisé Moisturisers. Save Money - But Your Skin Will Pay The Price. Review, Pics

In a way, it is ironic that this skincare range comes from a supermarket. I mean, as a skincare obsessive, I consider shopping for skincare pretty much along the lines of shopping for food. I don't buy processed foods without looking at the ingredients listed on the packaging, and I extend exactly the same mentality to skincare. If I don't like the ingredients, I ain't buying it. And I wanted to like these. I really did.

The range includes a Vitamin E Day Cream and an Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream. If you have a look at the ingredients list for both moisturisers, the first six (and primary ingredients) are identical in both products. The first ingredient is water. After water, you'll find: Paraffinum Liquidum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum and Ceteareth-25.

All of these are inexpensive, filler ingredients used to bulk out skincare cheaply. If we name these ingredients in laymen's terms, they are - Mineral Oil, Fatty Alcohol, Petroleum Jelly (i.e. Vaseline) and Fatty Alcohol (again).

Lidl moisturiser review

There's a reason that these moisturisers cost €1.99. There are some things that you just can't skimp on, and skincare is one of them. I'm not at all saying that you need to be spending €100 on skincare, but if you're spending less than €2, it just wouldn't be reasonable to expect high quality ingredients. I'm all for good quality affordable products, but these are not high quality.

Anything that is very perfumed is always loaded with alcohol. These moisturisers are highly scented, and applying alcohol to the skin simply dries up its natural oils and forces the skin into oil production overdrive to try to compensate for dryness. And this can only mean one thing - breakouts will follow.


Mineral oil and petroleum are barrier ingredients, making them the facial equivalent of having dry skin on your body and putting on a rain coat to cure it. If you put an oil or a hydrating moisturiser on the skin under the raincoat, the coat will increase the effectiveness of the moisturisers by preventing the products underneath from evaporating off the skin. The raincoat by itself will do nothing.

Lidl cream

Mineral oil and petroleum in moisturisers actually inhibit the absorption of the cream's beneficial ingredients, as they create an impermeable barrier. So you're effectively rubbing moisturiser into your raincoat rather than your skin! There are some beneficial ingredients in the Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, but at this price I would be very sceptical about the quantity of these ingredients added to the product.

Having trialled these moisturisers, I have to say that they're ineffective, overly scented and did not do anything nice at all for my skin.

Have you tried the Lidl's Osiris Avisé Day and Night Creams or other very affordable skincare? What's your verdict? Share your experiences in the comments!

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