The beauty products to get rid of after 2 years

According to specialists, products are contaminated as soon as you open them, and there is usually a time frame on the product stating the expiry date: 3 months (3M), 6 Months (6M) and so on.

Once opened, the products will not only start to lose their effective or active ingredients but they will also start to grow mould. Mould spores are constantly flying around us, we can't see them but, oh, they're there alright, and once a product is exposed it is subject to mould contamination.

A writer at XOjane scientifically tested out mould content on her expired beauty products, showing for sure that even though we can't see it, it's still there. It's grim reading for those of us who ride out our beauty arsenal till the very last drop, ignoring the recommended expiry date.

Back to products that expire after two years:

  • Lip and Eye Pencils



  • Lipsticks



  • Nail Varnish


nails Collage


  • Scrubs in a Jar 






  • Body Lotion in a Jar




  • Powder Eye-Shadow and Blusher

Sleek eye shadow palette


  • Powder Foundation

mac studio fix powder runner up2


If you have stayed with me so far on this beauty expiration date cull, we are nearly there. There is just one more part to get through and our educated beauty product spring cleaning will be done. I feel lighter already.

Find out the products you should throw out every two - three months here, and those you should replace after six - twelve months here. 


Have you started your cull yet?

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