Perfect piggies

After the wettest May on record, god were we looking forward to summer. And we got it: sweltering temperatures worthy of the Med.

So how did you feel about daring to bare your feet in sandals? After a winter of boots and bedsocks, chances are if your feet looked anything like mine, then they needed some intensive work. And you don't want to end up looking like Katie Holmes with cracked heels and flaking skin. Yuk!

Vichy have developed a range especially devoted to the attainment of piggie perfection. So I trotted down to my local chemist to peruse the products. It's called Podexine - a bit of a scary name, but anyway. The science sounds predictably baffling: "restructuring ceramides have been selected for their nourishing properties and bio-affinities with the skin's inter-cellular spaces enabling them to melt into the skin on application." Er, right you are so.

Clutching the Reconditioning Care for Dry Feet (with restructuring ceramides) and the Cracked Heel Repairer (with palmityle A), some cotton socks to wear overnight and some girlie nailvarnish, I hurried out before anyone could see me. Over the next couple of weeks I conducted my research.


After the first application my feet looked better.
After the second application my feet looked even better.
After the third application I actually liked my feet again.
And so on.

Capiche? Get some of this stuff, it's great.

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