Pie in the Sky: My Ultimate Bathroom Beauty Shelf

You know how they say if you visualise your future, it'll begin to become true? Well, I'm mentally restocking  my bathroom with all my favourite things right now, because visualising sounds a lot friendlier to my bank account than actually buying the whole lot because y'know... this gal has some expensive taste. Well, not always, but considering I'm talking about the creme de la creme and my all time favourites, you can expect a few in there - so if you're in the mood for dropping some cash (in your head) come join me!

I'll start off with Laura Mercier's Soufflé (€63) and Honey Bath (€45). My brother got me a set of these for my birthday when I was about 20 and they quickly became my "special occasion" things in the bathroom. They were my fanciest of fancies and I cherished them, only using a tiny bit for fear they'd run out. I'm a total sucker for anything with a hook and the honey dripper gets me every time. Genuinely though, this stuff smells divine and the soufflé? Well, that's just heavenly, leaving your skin so soft you'll want to hug yourself.

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As with the Laura Mercier, I once had a bottle of REN's Moroccan Rose Otto ultra moisturising oil and I loved it, but sadly it died in a freak accident involving my boyfriend, his elbow and the bathroom tiles. I'm still a bit raw about it, especially because he was like, "It wasn't my fault, why would you leave that there?" as if it was somehow my fault it was precariously left on the side of the bath... honestly, some people. What I fondly remember my dearly departed oil for most is the silky feel and warm, floral scent. (€48.96)

When I think of luxury the thing that comes into my mind first is SISLEY Black Rose Cream Mask which at a whopping €110 has stayed on my mental list for years and not actually reached my bathroom (unless in sachet/sample form). I worked with Sisley when I first qualified as a make-up artist so saw first hand just how good their skin care is and the results it achieves so I will say that if you're looking to invest in your skin they're worth consideration. Otherwise, shelve the idea until either you win the lotto or get a promotion maybe.


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I could literally go on all day on this topic but I won't, because I'm sure you have places to be. The last thing on my wish list isn't expensive or even beauty related but it is on there none the less. Anyone that knows me, knows I love rubber ducks. They're so cute an cheerful, who couldn't like them? Let's just say, I have more than a few, and leave it there. Each one has a little story about either the person who got it for me, or where it was bought though so maybe that explains things. One that I don't have is the Duck astronaut, which I first saw on a trip to Edinburgh about 6 years ago (the first weekend away ever with my other half). I should have picked it up at the time because I've not seen it since. It's online for £8.99, so anyone sane would say, just get it, but that would be too easy and a bit boring - I'm waiting for it to reappear when I'm on holiday or something so on the wish list i shall stay.

So I've indulged my wish list - tell me what would be on yours!


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