POB problems

"Help!" a Beaut.ie girl emailed.  "I got my hair cut into a POB and now I hate it. Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster?"

A Pob: A posh bob for the uninitated - Victoria Beckhams new trend setting style. A layered bob which is shorter at the back and tapers to a chin length layer around the face. Posh said it was time to move on from the long, long extensions and create a new look. "David loved the bob because that's how I looked when he met me. So I thought I'd go back to shorter hair".

But we all know that's a load of pants and that it was only really because her hair extensions were pulling her hair out and giving her bald patches during the world cup.


So is there any hope for the beaut.ielicious owner of the Pob? Well I'm sad to say that Natasha shook her head and said that  there isn't anything that can make your hair grow faster. But she does advise you get your layers trimmed to even out the style and bring everything to the same length.  This will make your hair look thicker and mean that it grows down more evenly. You can grow the style out much more quickly and with the least amount of trauma possible.  Â

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