Poll: Do you play online bingo? And a chance to star in a tv documentary about it!

Now here's something that piqued my interest when it entered my inbox.  We hear a LOT these days about online gambling - but mainly in relation to men.  Are women getting their kicks from a different kind of online gambling - online bingo?  This new TV show wants to find out.  Here's the blurb they sent me

We are a TV production company doing a documentary for RTE on the changing face of leisure gambling/gaming here in Ireland, for broadcast sometime in the New Year.

One of the strands we are looking at is how Bingo has changed, how it has moved out of the traditional halls and into the home with an increasing number of younger women in particular playing bingo online.

We would be very interested in talking to women, either as individuals or groups of friends, who play online Bingo or who may be interested in other forms of online gaming.

We are not necessarily focusing on problem gambling and this strand of the documentary is not making a judgement-call, we are really interested in the rise of online bingo as a social phenomenon, how the generation before would have played on Wednesday nights in their local Bingo Hall, but now it is an online activity. We are interested in finding out why people play, what they get out of it, whether it is still a social activity, a way to make friends or be part of a larger community online. Or just a bit of fun.


So, if you or your friends play online Bingo and would be interested in being interviewed as part of this documentary, we would love to hear from you. Simply email [email protected]

And I'd love to know too - do you play online bingo?  Have you ever tried it?  Online bingo sites seem to be sponsoring every soap and Jeremy Kyle/Judge Judy show around so they must have tons of members.  Have you tried it?

image via onlinecasino.ie

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