Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser Leaves Me Cold

ponds cold cream

Remember when Kylie swore blind she was giving up that oul' Botox in favour of her €4.99 tub of Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser? Most of us didn't believe a word of it, but that didn't stop sales in Ireland rocketing in the days following her announcement.

Recently, I spent a while putting it through its paces in the name of research for an article I was working on. It wasn't exactly a fun assignment: I disliked pretty everything about this product. It's really thick and difficult to work with and you need to use loads of it and it stinks to high heavens - albeit sweetly - of roses.

I could get past all of that, though, if it actually did what it says on the tin and removed my make-up. Well, it really doesn't. I tried using it on my dry face, dampening my face with water first, removing it dry and damp with cotton wool and a muslin cloth, double-cleansing, using a toner afterwards, but in the end it was always the same result.


Every time I used it, I was left with a face still half-full of slap and a sink rimmed with greasy cold cream that was a real pain in the hole to clean off, not to mention a similarly budge-resistant oily residue on my skin.

Maybe Kylie has super dry skin, really likes roses, and never ever wears make-up (could it all just be tattooed on?) in which case I could understand why she'd get on well with Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser. I got rid of mine from the bathroom as fast as I could.

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