No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask: Beelzebub Blackheads Banished To Hell's Hoover

Pore Vacuum Mask.  Let's just sit and savour that name for a moment.  Is it not genius?  Does it not instantly make you think of a Hoover busily sucking gunk out of your face?  Does it not conjure up fond memories of the first time you ripped a Biore off your nose and examined in horrified delight the amount of blackheads it had pulled out?

Well it did for me.  And let me tell you: I wasn't disappointed.

Large pores are an absolute cursed Hells Satan.  Makeup seems to enhance their size; hot weather makes the skin oilier and makes the bastards more noticeable.


The mask (€18.25) might be my new favourite thing.  It's clay - and it's PEEL OFF.  Oh how I love peel off masks.  With exciting ingredients (Sea Silt tops the list), Lentil Seed extract and Witch Hazel, I hurried to smear a thick grey layer over my phizog as per the instructions and waited for ten minutes for it to dry.

Peeling it off was an intensely enjoyable experience only enhanced by the fact that the phone rang mid peel.  I conducted the entire conversation - with the bank! - while peeling off the rest of the mask.


Clay is a well known skin purifier and the action of the mask draws out filth and muck less violently than a Biore type product, but still provides smoother skin satisfaction.


Suitable for all skin types except very dry, you can mask up once or twice a week to get the same feeling of joy I did.  There's also a Pore Minimizing Cleanser (€15.75) and Serum (€20.75)  in the same range and they promise to be Very Good Indeed also.

Anyone tried this yet?  And what else are you rating in the pore declogging stakes?

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