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pout bronzerAh bronzer, that much maligned makeup item. When a lot of us think of bronzer, we think of permatangoed Juicy Couture clad southside teens with waaaaay too much fake tan on. But that's hardly fair to our auld mate bronzer, who, when used correctly, can add so much to a makeup look.

Bronzer should be used to contour and to give a glow - not all over in a dead, flat application. And bronzer worn on its own looks weird - you need colour to make it pop, and that means blusher. Once you become friends with bronzer though, you never go back. I'm currently conducting a love affair with my DuWop Bronzerush, but when it runs out, I'm heading straight to Pout.

Their Bronzer Duo, available in two shades, is an ultra fine powder that blends on the brush to give you a finish "containing crushed pearl, believed to smooth, soften and nourish the skin". This pearlescent finish will give skin a natural looking bronzed glow, as opposed to a fake baked bronze lady look.


If of course you want a bronze lady look, head straight for your nearest Constance Carroll stand (usually to be found in Euro shops)

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