Spring Makeup: Prescriptives


Lhaaaaaavely new stuff from Prescriptives, ladies. Yer wan out of Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl wouldn't put anything less near her face, did yiz know? Dubious product endorsement aside, there's no doubt it's a brand that's strong on formulations and gimmicks that perform, so I'm always keen to hear what they've been up to.


New for spring is that gal there in the hat, and she's wearing their new Technotropics collection. To the right of her you can see two of their new lipstrips in Tropical Warm and Techno Cool, €33 each, and to the far right is Blush More Or Less Creamy Cheek Color, which comes in shiny silver-coloured packaging (which is enough to sell it to me allllll on its own) and is available in three shades, for €25 a pop.

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