Prescriptives for Haloween


I'm not feeling very Haloweeney yet this year. Usually, the build up to Haloween begins in the 'batter (that's Stoneybatter to the uninitiated) round about mid-August, with a fest o' fireworks that continues unabated each evening right through 'til the 31st of October - and usually beyond it too. But it's been very quiet on the (north) Western front this year and we've heard hardly any.

While it's peaceful on the one hand, it does mean that it's a bit lacking in atmosphere on the other. By atmosphere, I mean me going 'oh JESUS CHRIST, that one was a bit close!' 45 times a night. So I thought we could take a look at some festive slap instead.

Prescriptives have a very appropriate range for the time of year, called Magic*, which is a range of products that create the illusion of perfection - oh yes, we like the sound o' that.  Illuminating Liquid potion (right) perfects the appearance of uneven skin and slight pigmentation, giving your noggin a flawless, subtle radiance. All that for €41.50? SOLD.


Liquid powder (left) is a water powder that works like a cooling mist to 'soothe, refresh and awaken the skin'. Actually it's brilliant stuff - it makes your face all cool and nice, brilliant for summer too. Again, it's €41.50. And our last magical product is Invisible Line Smoother (centre), an 'intuitive gel' that fills in lines and deep wrinkles to recreate a supple, even skin surface. WOO HOO! €44.50 will bag you this baby.

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