Pricey But Perfect? We Try Eyeshadow Palettes From Tom Ford

I am not all that familiar with Tom Ford make up but because I've heard amazing things about it, I was naturally a little excited to try these two quads, Golden Mink and Cocoa Mirage.

First things first, while these palettes both look beautiful, fundamentally I am a matte eye shadow fan. Now don't get me wrong, I love a sparkle, glitter or shimmer, but only when it's been strategically placed in the correct area of the eye like on the lid, tear duct, inner corner, brow bone or lower lash line. You can get a lot more dimension by sculpting the socket with a matte shadow.

IMG_3925 Left - Golden Mink, Right - Cocoa Mirage

On first impression these eye shadow palettes oozed with luxury - from the shiny brown box, to the velvet sack the eye shadow palette was snugly wrapped in. The texture of the eye shadow itself is thick, velvety, highly pigmented, rich and satin-like and  - it blends like a dream. Less is more with this product, so despite the (eye-wateringly) high price point of €72, it's a stunning product. If you are a big eye shadow wearer and know you will get good use out of it (remember, less is more..), it is very much something to add to your Christmas wish list. Have you been good this year?



Follow these steps to get the look.

Step 1:

First, I used the white colour all over the eye as my base and brought it right up to my brow. I applied it with a flat brush, and patted it on, paying particular attention to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone.


Step 2:

I used the darkest colour of Cocoa Mirage under the lower lash line (half way) and in the crease. I applied it with a slanted brush.

Step 3:

I blended it out with the light brown / taupe colour using a fluffy blending brush. Make sure to keep the majority of colour in the crease, and then blend what is left on your brush in a clockwise and anti clockwise direction upwards towards your brow but not quite as far.

Step 4: 

I took the gold from the Golden Mink pallet and pressed it on to the lid with the flat brush.

Step 5:

I applied lashes next using Red Cherry Lashes, and blended them in using loads of black mascara.

image1 (36)


What are your thoughts? Is €72 worth the investment? What is the most amount of money you have spent on an eye shadow palette?

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