Products of Yore: Remember Rimmel's Black Cherry?


I wore it accessorised only with the palest-of-pale-powders during my Cure-head teenage years. And then, to add insult to injury, I pretty much wore it throughout college, too. Rest easy, I was in colaiste in the early 90s, so it wasn't that much of a sin. I hope.

What am I blithering on about? Rimmel's Black Cherry lipstick, of course! Gone, but not forgotten - and never likely to be either in my case, as pictures of me, bedecked in Bad Religion/Big Black/Alternative Tentacles/Dinosaur Jr (etc etc etc) t-shirts, red stripes in my hair and Black Cherry'd lips still exist in rather too many places for my liking. Our occasional blogger, Remington, owns some, and usually whips them out, laughing hysterically, after 5 too many shandies. I never fail to cringe.

I re-lived my late teens and early 20s in a good way the other day though, as I checked out some new products from Revlon, because they've just launched a new lipstick shade. And it's called... yep, you guessed it. Black Cherry! Almost identical to its Rimmel predecessor, it's a deep, dark purply-red with a lot of black in there. Smooth and shiny on, I really like it - and it's a great price - €9.26.


This time round, I'll be leaving out the lipliner and updating the look by patting it into place for a soft stain that hopefully I won't be rueing in years to come.

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