Pump Up The Volume

avedaSo you want to turn the volume of your hair to 11 and don't know how to go about it? Well, you're definitely not alone - we seem to fall into two camps, us women - there are those of us with thick hair we spend fortunes on calming and getting to lie flat, and those of us who wail over our limp locks, and wish they were fuller.

Big and bouffant is in at the moment too, so this is getting urgent for those in the latter camp. How do you go about getting some height into your hair?

I think Aveda have the answer. Gorgeous luxury salon products made from gorgeous luxury good for you ingredients? Oh yes please! Their Pure Abundance Volumizing Clay Conditioner contains kaolin clay, organic acacia gum and smells sweetly of organic peppermint, ylang ylang & jasmine. MmmmMmmyum yum yum. It helps hair become smooth and manageable and it lifts up fine hair and fills it out giving you a thicker, more abundant looking mane. Sounds pretty damn good, doesn't it? Strawberrynet are selling it for €18 with FREE postage - that's a damn good price, considering it's €27 on HQhair.


The other yum Aveda product I have my beady eye on is the Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo which would be perfect to use in conjunction with the Volumizing Clay. It's formulated for fine hair and like the conditioner contains thickening and volumising ingredients, and will leave your hair deliciously scented. It's €16.50 from the divine Strawberrynet.

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