Rate It: Favourite Red Lipstick

It's Valentine's Day and there's no better time for a blast of juicy red lips to get the object of your desires all hot under the collar.  Because of course red lips signal arousal and desire as they look kinda like...

... well we won't spell it out.  So really on this day of romance it's time to turn the dial to red like you never have before.

And if you don't have a date so bleedin' what?  There's an extra reason to spoil yourself with a little lipstick splurge because red lipstick really does signal independence and courage.  So what if the most independent thing you do today is going to the chemist to swatch loads of shades on the back of your hand to see which one you like best?  Perfectly fine.

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In the Irish Times this week I listed a few of my current Red faves (go here to read it in full) and now I'd love to know - what are yours?  Have you found the perfect red or are you still on the hunt for The One?

Have you found a partner for life, one you'll hold close and never let go.  Men may come and go... but the perfect red is yours forever.

To the comments!

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