Rate it: best deodorant


We often talk on Beaut.ie about gorgeous smelly treats and how nice it is to layer scent - showergels or bathoils, body lotions and finally perfume perhaps. But not everyone does this of course. Some people don't even wash, or use deodorant - and when they don't it's oh so plainly obvious. There's nothing worse than the dreaded BO is there?

Working in an office with someone who doesn't realise that their aroma is riper than a runny Camembert is not a good experience. As is attending a function where one person has the power to stink out the whole room of say 400 hundred people. Ugh.


What would you recommend for such a person? Are men's deodorants stronger - which deos don't leave the dreaded white marks on clothes - which deodorant do you find the best?

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