Rate it: best toner


We had a brilliant Rate it last week on cleansers - and now it's time to turn our attention to toner.

I have to say I'm in two minds about toner.  Well actually I'm in one mind - I don't use it.  Toner was invented back in the day when heavy cold cream and greasy cleansers were all there was to remove makeup.  A toner was needed to cut through the grease after cleansing and make sure the skin felt clean and fresh.

But nowadays the science of cleansing has moved on.  Modern cleansers have been formulated to  clean and wash off - meaning you may not need a toner at all, despite what the cosmetic houses say.  And some toners can be really harsh and just pure alcohol.


Maybe though I just don't need toner because of my skin type (it's dry).  If I had oiler skin would I feel differently?

So tell us what you think!  Couldn't live without your toner?  And if so what one(s) do you find work the best.

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