Rate It: Midlands Faaaaacials

http://images.ireland.com/focus/election_2002/picsarchive/brian_cowen1.jpgA few weeks ago, first time Blatherer Connie asked for a recommendation for a good facial in either Carleh or Naas. She'd previously had a Guinot facial in a Sam McCauley's and a Dermalogica facial in a Naas salon and wasn't overly impressed with either; meanwhile, Roxette told us that she has yet to have a good facial in De Midlands.

I have to put my hands up here and say that, despite being from The Nice Place To Shop, living in Portaaaaarlington and frequenting Carleh and A'hy regularly, I am struggling a bit to come up with a definitive answer for the girlies. Sure meself and fellow Midlander Brian have the heads scratched off ourselfs thinking about it, so we have. In an effort to investigate whether it's actually possible to get a fab facial in the Midlands, though, I'll be having a Yon-Ka facial in Zenn in Portlaoise in the coming weeks - as raved about by Anita in work who has great skin, so I have high hopes for the place. Meanwhile, The Sister is being dispatched to The Villa Spa at Killashee House Hotel just outside Naas to see if their Elemis facials are any cop.

So while the research is ongoing, I am asking - nay, I am pleading with you ladies to come forward and share your experiences of salons in the Midlands with us. Don't worry if you've never commented before, sure we'd love to hear from you! There are lots of mini-reviews of places in Dublin, Cork and Galway scattered throughout the site; it'd be brilliant if we could create a similar knowledge base for the miggle of the country. Maybe you had an atrocious acupuncture session in Athlone, or a manky manicure in Mullingar; perhaps you've found a terrific therapist in Tullamore or a deadly dermatologist in Durrow.


Come on, Midlands missies - spill!

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