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I was having a conversation with a friend last night and the talk turned (as it usually does) to all things beaut.ieful.

"But what do you really think of night creams?" she said. "Is there really a difference between the night and day versions of a cream. Or is it all just a bit of a con to make you spend more money? And what about the Dr Hauschka theory?"

Oh so many questions! Here are my answers.

  • I love night creams. Probably because my skin can get pretty dry, I love nothing better than going to bed with a super dooper night cream on. I can almost feel it sinking in, working its creamy magic on any line that might be thinking of showing itself.
  • While we sleep our skin renews itself, cellular regeneration occurs, all that sciency stuff happens. And night creams are formulated especially to help this process of renewal and packed full of ingredients to repair and regenerate.
  • Day cream is busy doing other stuff, shielding us from the environment, hydrating, possibly protecting skin from the sun if it's got an SPF.
  • Night cream uses the slumber filled hours of darkness to work its magic - ensuring that you wake up with skin firmer and plumper than normal.
  • Yes indeed, something to consider is Dr Hauschka and his theory that we shouldn't use night cream. But that doesn't suit everyone.

My budget fave is Olay. My splash out fave is a gorgeous Gatineau night cream.

So what do you think of night creams? Do you use one? And if you do, which one do you use?

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