Rate it: Swap Siopa

Ever since the Swap Siopa returned from hibernation a few months ago it has been doing a brisk trade. Swaps have been busy criss crossing the country via the kindly ministries of An Post. Swap Siopa is so great because it ticks loads of boxes at once - it's recession friendly and it's a recyler's dream. No longer do you have to feel guilty about that big expensive bottle of perfume you bought and decided you don't like - bet someone else loves it and has something great to swap.

And actually it's also fantastic because it's based on pure trust. Heartwarming isn't it? (Sniffle)


Hundreds of beauty items have been swapped (have a look at the Swaps Archive) - and hundreds more are up for swap. So at this stage in the game we'd like to ask you - how have you found it?

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