Rate It: What Blush are You Wearing RIGHT NOW!

'Ah, you could do with a bit of colour in your cheeks', said the Mammy, 'you look bás-y'. Which in Kerry parlance means that I basically look like a ghost, and an unhealthy one at that.

Now, I'll admit that Christmas was not my time to shine. I spent the majority of it tucked up in my leaba praying for the Lord/Santa/a body snatcher to leave a new set of sinuses (sinusi?) under the tree. It didn't happen and I had to resort to munching antibiotics and drinking gallons of flat 7Up. Just because that's the Holy Grail of treatment in my house, whatever ailment you have.

So when I returned to work on Monday, I didn't want to frighten the office natives. The dark circles under my eyes were painted with an intensity that Michaelangelo (or more likely Jackson Pollock) would appreciate, the dull skin was plastered with glow-y foundation and a pop of blush brought me back to the won't-terrify-small-children side of the tracks.


My current colour of choice is Mac's Well Dressed.  And if you'd like to see it being used in a tutorial, Laura did a fabulous day-to-night guide using this very blush and you can check it out here. 


This soft pink shade is perfect for us paler peeps but the key is to apply with a light hand and build up as you need it. My love for Worzel Gummidge has been well documented on this site but no one wants to look like Aunt Sally.

Andrea goes a bit heavy on the blush Andrea goes a bit heavy on the blush

So to the burning question, what blush are you wearing RIGHT NOW?! And bonus points if you tell us what colouring you have so that like-toned Beauties can find some new blush inspo? To the comments!

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