Redken For Men Color Camo: Would Your Fella Use It?


The L'Oreal group recently positioned itself at the helm of dye-novation with the launch of Inoa, and one of its companies, Redken, has also announced some groundbreaking news: its in-salon dye offering for men, Color Camo, is now better than ever. Originally launched in 2004, it "has been updated with the latest technology, improved processing time and cooler tonality."

I am not *quite* sure why fellas need their own, special hair colour (and we'd hardly deny them it considering the delicious amount of products littering the market aimed at us females) but we know they do. We know this mostly because of advertising. If daddy doesn't dye that gruaig quick-smart, two little girls are going to remain motherless, hadn't you heard? Or how about Touch of Grey? It's not DYE, God forbid. It's something to help you get ahead at work and have sexy interview ladies want to unbutton their shirts and take off their specs.

I don't quite get those ads as they're working off a premise that doesn't seem to be true. While I realise I'm looking at this from a completely hetero perspective, so I could well be barking up the wrong demographic's tree, it's been my experience that women like salt and pepper hair on men - I know I do - but according to Redken research, 32% of men experiencing hair greying feel it makes them look older.


Colour Camo costs from €20, works in as little as five minutes and comes in six shades. He'll find it at Redken salons now, but what I want to know is this: would your fella get Color Camo'd?

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