Review: Fuschia Make-Up Velvet Veil Primer

The curse of beauty-product snobbery affects everyone from time to time, causing the most well intentioned beauty obsessive to possibly miss out on some some equally-good-but-more-affordable products; products that actually do what they say on the tin (or indeed the lipstick tube) but that just don't come with the same shiny packaging or hype.

We love our bargains and quality doesn’t always have to come at an extortionate price point.

So when I picked up a primer from Fuschia Make Up, an Irish company that’s more Clinique than Chantecaille in terms of price point, I thought it was worth a whirl. Sure, there are even more budget options available but this brand is pretty affordable.

But even though the brand is widely available throughout Ireland, I’d never actually seen it crop up in person. So when I got my beauty paws on their Velvet Veil primer, I was intrigued to see if it could deliver.

Velvet Veil is a lightweight, silicone based primer which leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. The silicone acts to fill in any fine lines and wrinkles, giving your foundation a far smoother base to adhere to and leaves the skin appearing more plumped up and youthful.



The first ingredient in the primer is a silicone called Cyclopentasiloxane, which because of its water like consistency, is often used to deliver ‘heavier’ feeling silicones like Dimethicone. This makes it a popular ingredient in smoothing shampoos, conditioners, anti-aging products, foundations and primers.

Why is this important you ask? Because some people find that their skin simply does not get on with silicones. But my skin loves 'em so I wasn't worried about any breakouts or blemishes.


It helped to blur out any imperfections and it gave my skin a slightly smoother appearance even without wearing foundation on top of it.

It shares several similar ingredients with Hourglasses exorbitantly priced Primer Veil and it comes in at a very affordable €15.


Have you tried anything from the Fuschia range? Do you have any budget babies that you won't be parted from or do you always think that quality costs? To the comments!

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