Review: YSL Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water

Do you watch Community? There's a character in it Magnitude whose catchphrase is 'Pop Pop!' and every time I come across Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water I say 'Pop Pop' to myself and I feel happy. It's the minuscule things. 

It's nice to be reminded of something funny or enjoyable when you encounter a new product. So when two little Pop Water glossy stains landed on my lap, I said my silent 'Pop Pop' and applied one after the other with glee. 

The promise is shine and hold with no stickiness; glossy, long-lasting lippy if you will. 

I love that it contains the same type of colourants that are found in gummy bears. And you know what, the colour transparency is really gummy-like; which means that it's not really all that vibrant. But it's bright!

I expect luxurious feeling vibrancy and drama with a little fun sheer and I demand that my lips feel soft and moisturised. Here we go:


 I tried shades 203 Eau de Coral (the top hue above) and 200 Rose Nu. 

  • Eau de Coral

pop blush

In various lights:

lips 2 

  • Rose Nu

pop pink

lips swatch

Take a look at the bottom two snaps in the collage above. The bottom left one was taken about an hour after I applied the Pop Water Gloss Stain and the bottom right was taken about two minutes later by the window - it looks like the shine is gone but it's the light playing all kinds of trickery. I can confirm that there was gloss. 


If it's obscenely vibrant lip colours you want, approach with caution as these babies are on the paler end of his spectrum. That said, I think the shades are very lovely. And my lips felt moisturised, looked instantly healthier and all-round nicer and don't believe that bottom right pic, the gloss stays put for as long as the stain (which, apparently, lasts for ten hours.) 

Are you tempted by these glossy beauties? Or is matte where it's at this SS15?

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