News: Roger & Gallet Now in Ireland!

roger and gallet

If you've ever pottered around a pharmacy in France you'll probably have seen the Roger & Gallet brand. Primarily perfumers, the company also make gorgeously-packaged bath and body products across six of nice-smelling lines (Citron, Bois d'Orange and Ginger, for example), but one of the best things about the brand is that, while not super-cheap, it combines a desirable cachet with decent prices. The Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne above, starts at €17 for a 30ml bottle, soap starts at €6 and body lotion is €13.50. Decent, eh?


In around 60 pharmacies at the moment, it's rolling out to 80 in total (we've no listing at the moment but bear with us), so have a gander in yours next time you're in. Me? I think citron's gonna be the one for me. Or maybe ginger ... but I do like a bit of rose too ...

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