Rolling Razor: Wouldya?

rolling razor

Jaysis, everyone's trying to make shaving seem sexy these days it seems, and new from the States is the latest in shavin' innovation - the Rolling Razor. Eight years of R&D led the company to come up with a razor that doesn't have a handle. Oh, OK, might not sound like much - might not work much better either - but the brand say it's 'the most advanced shaving technology in over a century.'

It's got a double head for optimum hair removal and a curvy bit you grip with - the short distance from blade to hand ensures a better shave, apparently. But something was nagging at me. Um, don't double blades mean double the cost of replacement? So, does the brand allow for the use of other razor cartridges in that case? Quoth the FAQ:

Does the Rolling Razor take standard replacement Cartridges?
It might if there was such a thing! The engineering of a razor blade is just as important as the handle, and our blades are no exception. We take our blades just as seriously as our innovative handle. Unlike Other stick razor companies that offer only one style of cartridge that either works with you or against you Rolling Razor is the only company that customizes the blades for various skin types.


That's a no, so.

$14.95 is the damage for this hairy number and replacement cartridges cost $7.95, only available online through the brand's site. What do you reckon? Will you be investing?

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