Sacred Cows: What Beauty Product or Brand Are you Honestly Turned off by?


Deep breath.

I don't really like Lush.

Sacrilege to some in the beauty blogosphere for sure, but I just don't get the universal praise heaped on the brand.  It's, um, all a bit ineffectual and smelly. The bath products I can just about handle but in general there's far too much fragrance in everything and as for things like cleanser in a leaf? No, you're ok. That's fine. I'll stick with what I'm already using.


Now look - that's just me. I like my beauty buys in proper packaging without an eye-bleed amount of scent, sans silly names.  I also like them to last without having to be kept in the fridge, so in general me and Lush don't really get on for anything much more than showergel.

Have you got a sacred cow of the beauty community you don't feel the love for? You know, oh, just randomly pulling thoughts out of the air here, perhaps a luxury brand called, say, Flannel which makes highly expensive nail polishes that chip like buggery? Mentioning no names now, or anything.

To the comments!

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