Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs trial: The results are in

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Heidi Klum's legs are worth $2 million; however, one of those legs is pricier than the other because her left one has a scar. You see, even super models have niggly little 'flaws' that they would rather do without.

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers whether they would like to do something about their leg bugbears, because while you can fill in sparse brows with pencil, or cover up a spot with concealer, the body is a different story.

There are heaps of products designed especially for the face, but what can be done if you have a scar on your chest, keratosis pilaris (itchy little bumps) on your arms, or pasty legs?

Sally Hansen believe that Airbrush Legs is like makeup for the body, helping to make not only your legs but your whole body look perfect: it can cover stretch marks, varicose veins, freckles, bruises and uneven skin tone. But, Sally Hansen wants to know what real women think. So, we chose 30 women out of everyone who applied and over the course of two weeks, they gave it a try.

Here's what they thought.


sally hansen spray

One-third of the women who tested Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs cited pasty skin as the reason they wanted to try, with uneven undertone and visible veins the next most common complaints. Most of the women had never used Airbrush Legs before, but after the trial, all agreed that it was easy to apply, and 96% of trialists said it gives great coverage.

As well as that, 90% agreed Airbrush Legs is water resistant, and 97% confirm that it's long lasting,

All in all, our trialists loved Airbrush Legs. Some of the women who tried it for the first time said:

This is my first time to use tan - and I love it!!

I am now a convert to Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrish Tan: cannot live without


At €13.99, is Airbrush Legs value for money? 97% of our trialists say yes, and the wild majority would recommend it to a friend.

Have you tried Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs? Do you agree with the consensus?

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