Sexy Fragrance from Tom Ford and John Galliano

galliano and tom ford

That Tom Ford should produce another one of his seductive fragrances is no surprise. What is surprising to me is how much I like it - I found the original Black Orchid spritz too heavy to wear myself, though I like it on others, and his Private Collection suite is packed full of dangerous juices I'm just not brave enough to tangle with. So the fact that I like his newest, White Patchouli, so much came as a bit of a shock to me.  But it's gorgeous. Genuinely not like any other fragrance I usually wear - I'm pretty much a white florals gal, through-and-through - this baby has a sharp, sit-up-and-take-notice top note that I adore. This is not patchouli as I knew it in college - this is posh, sophisticated and very high end. Married with tuberose, coriander and white peony, it's just delicious - and it looks amazing, too. From €55, buy at BTs or Harvey Nichols.


And the other scent my usual judgement has abandoned me for? John Galliano's eponymous debut. Check out that bottle - it's even nicer in the flesh, and inspired the designer to create a dress based on it, no less. And the juice? Any good Catholic gal will immediately notice it's pretty damn churchified - there's an immediate impression of incense, along with a lot of rose, bergamot and cedar. Grown up and heady, prices start at €60, and you'll get it from Brown Thomas.

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