Dehydrated skin has a new best friend thanks to Lancome

Dehydrated skin? The new Hydra Zen jelly mask from Lancome is here to help. We've been testing it out to see if it does what it promises.

Dehydrated skin is something we all battle with from time to time. The problem with dehydration is that it always looks worse than it is. Suddenly fine lines pop up out of nowhere. There's a dull, lifeless appearance to our complexions and the odd dry patch. Not to mention the lack of bounce. The good news is, it's usually gone as quickly as it came. It just requires a little TLC on our part.

dehydrated skin Lancome

Lancome Hydra Zen Jelly Mask €29 (reduced from €34.50 via

As the weather continues to change from warm, humid to wet, to cold to well... everything in between, it's no surprise our skin can't keep up though is it? But it isn't just weather that can have an adverse effect on our skin, our lifestyles play a big part in it too. Late nights, early mornings, not drinking enough water, the list goes on.

We're not here to chide though, in fact, we're in the same boat. Which is why we decided to try out one of the new masks from Lancome. It promised to fix our faces and that's always a good start.

dehydrated skin Lancome model


pic via Lancome

The recently launched Hydra Zen Jelly Mask is a de-stressing, hydrating over night treatment. The idea behind it, is to make dehydrated skin a thing of the past. It has a no fuss formula that you can wear while sleeping. So no need to be faffing around applying sheets, or waiting to wash off green goop. Simply apply to clean skin and then hit the hay.

The jelly texture is extremely refreshing when applied and skin drinks it up quickly. The formula contains hydrating rose, mooring seed and peony extracts which give it a beautiful scent that's calming and soothing.

dehydrated skin

Above you can see a before and after picture of it on my hand. These pictures were taken about four minutes apart, so the results are extremely quick. Skin tone and texture are visibly improved, and fine lines are smoothed out nicely too.

If you're looking for a quick skin fix, this is definitely worth a try. In even better news, if you need to stock up on some of your regular Lancome goodies, you can get it for free! The Jelly Mask is included in a gift with purchase offer at the moment.


Are you tempted?

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