Simple Facial Wash gel: The ultimate budget cure for that stubborn teenage skin

Up until last year, I'd never had any problems with my skin. I'd made it safely through  my teenage years without any major incidents (skin-wise, I mean) and had never once really had to worry about spots or blemishes. Lucky, I know.

However, upon heading off to college (and throwing myself whole-heartedly into the student lifestyle) I found myself, at the grand old age of 21, suffering from a bad case of teenage skin. I'm talking breakouts galore, blackheads, those weird sore spots that never fully know the drill.

Nothing would sort it out. Cleansers with salicylic acid dried out my skin and aggravated my breakouts, leading them to multiply - L'Oreal's Perfect Clean, with the scrubber, is the guilty party here. Next, I tried Eucerin's Cleansing Gel, which claimed to be gentle and good to sensitive skin. While it worked at first, on repeated use it was again far too rough on my sensitive little face.

After reaching the end of the Eucerin gel and reluctant to try it again, I made the classic rookie beauty mistake - wandering down the skincare aisle with no aim or direction and reaching for the cheapest alternative. In this case, it turned out to be Simple's Kind To Skin Refreshing Gel cleanser, which had been reduced to €2.50. With my student budget already stretching at the seams, it was this or a dirty, spot-ridden mug, so I purchased it with a degree of suspicion.

I needn't have worried. Within days, my skin was glowing. My angry red breakouts were cleared almost immediately, and when they went away, they stayed away. After a year of searching, my student tight-arse ways had found me the perfect cleanser. It's scentless, colourless, and as gentle as it says it is, so no drying or tightness.


What's more, value packs of Simple cleanser and moisturiser are nearly always on sale in Penneys for a fiver. And as you all know, there's nothing we love more on than a bargain that does the job.

Though Simple has cleared up and managed my breakouts for the most part, I still have trouble with horrible blackheads on my nose that no amount of scrub will do away with.

If anyone could send any recommendations my way, they would be most appreciated!

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