Glowing skin is so easy thanks to THIS affordable moisturiser

Product of the Week: My skin's been getting compliments galore lately. And it's all down to a new moisturiser. A new, high street moisturiser.

Recently, I've had more people complimenting my skin than they ever have in the past. Nothing has changed, except for the addition of one new product into my daily routine.

The Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30 Smoothing Moisturising Care Radiance Booster (€18.75) is new from Bioderma this season. We initially featured it, along with the new SPF facial spray when it first launched, but I've been feeling the need to revisit it as a stand-alone product.

hydrabio bioderma skin protector

You see, I'm not used to positive noises about my skin. Having suffered with on/off acne for a lot of my life, people not noticing it is usually the best I can hope for. But I'm quite enjoying the idea of being someone with "glowy skin".


So, what's so magical about this moisturiser then, you ask?

Well, first off, it can be used as more than just a moisturiser. Full disclosure, I've been using it as a primer, underneath my makeup and over the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+. I could use it alone, but I find the LR-P really keeps breakouts at bay over the long term.

What makes the Hydrabio Perfecteur so good though, is the glow it leaves on your skin. It's soft and subtle, and throughout even the longest days doesn't veer into shiny or greasy territory. The SPF 30 protection is what first made me want to try it. But the way it makes my skin look is the reason I'll keep using it. The fact it's a high street product is just an added bonus!

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