Skincare Guru's Ultimate Beauty Recommendation: Why You Should be Taking Omega 3

So, your skin's flared up and you're in a fowler of a mood. You make a B-line straight for the topical cream section of Boots in the hopes that some 'wonder' product will be the answer to your problem. But longterm, it may not be the solution to what ails you. Not on its own.

While the products we use are of course important, many of our skin issues start far underneath the surface. And we need to look internally to treat the situation. Last week, our Laura had the wonderful opportunity of catching up with skincare guru Caroline Hirons and thankfully, Caroline was incredibly generous with her tips and tricks for beautiful skin. After all, it's the largest organ of your body, and Caroline believes that one of the most important areas to look at is, of course, nutrition.


  • First things first, you'll need to give our feature on the hidden sugar in foods a read so as not to be lured in by something that appears, in terms of taste, to be sugarless. And Caroline agrees that excess sugar intake leads to problematic skin.
  • Secondly, and we all know this one, you need to keep your stress levels in check to avoid the production of too many toxins in the skin.
  • Thirdly, and Caroline's all-time tip for flawless skin, take Omega 3 oils. These can be taken as supplements and can really work wonders for your skin. Whether you opt for fish oils, flaxseed oil or linseed oil, check whether you are getting the recommended dose in your diet.

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According to Ms Hirons:


Whichever way you get it. Zelens makes perilla oil, which is vegan. It’s quite revolutionary on the market because most omega oil comes from fish.

There’s very few people who don’t do well from a good dose of Omegas. And invariably, even people who are intolerant to fish can take the vegetarian version. It’s just something really good to do for your skin, for your brain, for your wellbeing. In large doses, they’re appetite suppressants, they can kill sugar cravings. But for the Irish, I’d recommend Omegas and Vitamin D

The thing to remember when it comes to skin is that it's an incredibly slow organ to react. So if you're having a bad patch with yours at the moment, try to be patient. It won't improve over night but with the right things happening on the inside, chances are  that'll come right on the outside too.epidermis

So we know we should be taking them, but what is it about Omega 3 oils that do the trick?

  • Also found in oily fish, nuts and dark green vegetables, Omega 3 works to repair damaged skin cells by way of their fatty acid and high protein constitution.
  • To keep bad skin flares up at bay, Omega 3s are essential. But if you're already suffering a bout of blotchy skin, it's worth noting also that Omega 3s have anti inflammatory properties - reducing swelling, redness and skin sensitivity. Hurrah!
  • If that wasn't enough of a reason to stock up on your Omega 3s, we've been beavering away to gather all of their benefits, and it turns out their fatty acid component works as a natural emollient too. It can keep your skin moisturised from the inside out by restoring fat lost in the skin (the good kind that keeps your skin from dulling).

Of course your skin's moisture levels will be impacted also by your intake of natural water, so don't not skip this part.

  • And last but by no means least, Omega 3s also help contribute towards a more levelled mood, as they are said to also possess anti-depression properties.

So there you have it, less processed sugar, plenty of water and some form of Omega 3 every day. Your skin will love you for it and so too will your bank balance.

Have you been taking Omega 3s? Noticed any of the benefits listed above?

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