Smell you later: Man perfumes you love (and hate)

It is just me, or is there nothing better than a chap who smells nice?

Well, like, aside from galaxy ripples, cats and waking up late in a panic - and then realising that it's actually the weekend? I've rambled about the man perfumes that set my heart a flutterin' below, you know, just in case anybody wanted to know what I like my men to smell like. I feel that's important information to share with everyone.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
Pick of the pack,  it's just divine. Spray a bit on an old sock and I promise you I'd be cuddling it and settling down to box sets of MASH in no time. (My mam reads so sofa spooning is as explicit as I can get). It's heavy and strong, a posh mixture of cigarettes and cupcakes - two of my top guilty pleasures. I don't even know the price, the number was too long for my tiny brain to remember but, believe me, it's spendy. (read the Tom Ford archive for more)


Lynx Africa
I'm about to show my age and north-side roots now, I adore Lynx Africa.  Lashings of Lynx Africa, sprayed so heavily that you can almost see a foggy mist lingering behind whichever fella has used it. Delicious!

Okay one particularly vile one must be named and shamed.  Joop for Men.  Eurgh. EURGH. It's like a granny's perfume that has gone off, been eaten by a large animal and thrown back up. So heavy, so synthetic, so intolerable. Honestly, not even Vincent Browne could get away with such a hideous fragrance. Lads, it's a head-ache inducing bottle of liquid hate and misery. Please discontinue use.

So, have I just come off like a creep with a scent fetish or are we on the same page here? Let me know what your favourites are!

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