Sneak Peek: Aspect Skincare Range

Having lived in Australia for quite a few years, there are some things that I now know to be true. These gems of wisdom include the fact that Vegemite is the work of the devil, Tim Tams are the work of the gods and that you should always look behind the toilet for giant, hairy spiders. Just be wary of the one that actually JUMP at you for they do exist.

But one thing that the Aussies definitely know about is skincare. Lucas' Papaw Ointment is in every envelope I receive from the land down undah (it is the Antipodean equivalent of Elizabeth Arden's iconic 8 Hour Cream), and the sun care mantra of 'slip, slop, slap' (slip on a tee shirt, slop on some sun cream and slap on a hat though I suspect that in Fifty Shades circles it could have a different meaning entirely) is one we should all adhere to.

And Aspect Skincare is an Australian range, new to Ireland, that has a natural approach to skincare.


It's a condition-specific range but they have put together a handy little starter kit if you are new to the brand.

This kit contains:

  • Deep Cleanser (30ml)
  • Aspect Dr A Serum (15ml)
  • Aspect Dr C Serum (15ml)
  • Resveratrol Moisturising Cream (13g)


The cleanser is packed with botanical retinol-like actives which gently exfoliate.



The Aspect Dr A retinol facial serum is for night use only as Vitamin A (as per the product name) ingredient encourages cellular renewal and tackles pigmentation. If you have sensitive skin, use once a week and build up from there, and if you are lucky enough to have skin that tolerates that little bit more, then use on alternating nights and build up as necessary.

And don't skip on the SPF during the day. 


The Vitamin C serum is my favourite of the kit. It smells delicious and is the perfect way to start your skincare regime in the morning. Vitamin C gives what I call the 'trampoline effect' to the skin - it encourages collagen production which gives that 'plump' look.


Finally, the Resveratrol Moisturiser is suitable for morning and evening use. Resveratrol is produced by certain plants in response to injury and this cream contains pure grape skin extracts and skin firming peptides. One thing to note is that the texture is quite thick so make sure you leave enough time for it to soak into the skin - slathering foundation over the top as you run out the door to work isn't going to work with this one.

Overall, I think this is a really good addition to the skincare ranges on offer in Ireland. It was forged in the land of extremes and it's packed full of great ingredients and knowledge.

Even old Alf Stewart himself would approve.

The starter kit costs approx €140 and you can find stockists, further ingredient info and more on

And if you want to check out more skincare reviews, we have a whole section dedicated to them here. 


Have you tried anything from the Aspect Skincare range? Would you be tempted by a starter pack like this? And do you have any questions about Vitamin A or Vitamin C and their inclusion in skincare products?

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