Sneak peek: nail art gets stick on easy with essence nail fruits

Oooh what is this I thought when I saw the pictures of this product. Stick on nail art in various fruity shapes and colours (Nail Fruits €2.49)

Now while this is a new to us, it's been out in Germany for a while. And so I am able to show you some lovely examples of the nail art in action from German blogs

Actually - and I had a bit of an LOL moment when I saw this - another Irish beauty blogger has not only cut and pasted the press release verbatim as a post, but put three images from other blogs into her own post about these products - however she's strategically cut off the watermarks. I kid you not. Go googling and you'll find out who it is.

essence say "Cheeky little fruits on your nails – the absolute eye-catcher of the season! Application is simple thanks to the nail glue and with a huge choice of colours to pick from, you can create numerous designs in minutes. The ultimate must-have for all nail fashionistas this season. Available in 01 fruit punch to go"

Image via pinkmelon

There's a whole range of complimentary products, all between €2 and €4 in various fruity shades and flavours - lipbalms, nailvarnish, blusher, and eyeshadows

Strictly limited this should be in shops from May.


Intense pink-red mousse texture blusher - there's just the one shade 01 Smoothie Operator (pictured) (€3.29)
Lipbalm in 01 Peach Beauty and 02 Very Cherry (shown) €2.49

 Eyeshadow sorbet: mousse texture eyeshadow in 01 peach beauty, 02 banana joe and 03 one kiwi a day (€3.29)

Nail polish in 01 banana joe, 02 peach beauty, 03 very cherry, 04 one kiwi a day… and 05 mashed berries (2.29)
Strawberry scented topcoat (€2.49)

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