Blue Blue Electric Blue - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess liquid eyeshadows

Shaking up what can sometimes be a staid line-up, Lauder have decided to rock the metallic trend - and they've done it heartstoppingly well with limited edition Bronze Goddess Liquid Eyeshadows, €20. The blue - the azure gorgeousness must be seen to be truly appreciated - led to excitement times one million for us when we saw it at the launch last week. And the bronze and the purple - yummers.

Read on to discover my efficient and bullet pointed summary of the pros and cons of this product.

  • Colours: fantastic. Choose from Aqua Flash, Ultra Violet, Molten Bronze or Sand Shimmer
  • Staying power: rock solid. Forget sweaty nightclubs, tropical jungles or a Connemara downpour - the metallics laugh in the face of such forces.
  • This is liquid eyeshadow and so you must work quickly. I tried out the Ultra Violet at the weekend. I had two eyelids started when the doorbell rang. By the time I resumed my makeup (a minute later) the purple had dried concrete like on my lids and the only thing to do was blend like mad with liberal applications of complementary eyeshadow. Unconvinced that it worked. Good as a base for a smoky eye as Kirstie suggested (for it was she at the door). But maybe too much for Mothers Day lunch?
  • You can go for a subtle wash of colour - or you can pile it on, it's up to you which depth of texture you prefer.
  • The applicator that comes with the product is seriously crap. Use your own brushes.
  • Blue is sumptuous on the eyelids, but better on dark skin or with a healthy dose of bronzer. For healthy read radioactive if you're normally pale as a pooka
  • Blue, purple and bronze are simply stunning as eyeliners and I think this works the best for our complexions

So to sum up. I love the colours, the staying power and the va va voom - but think more is definitely less here.  If that makes sense! Use them to line the eyes would be my advice.

Available from April 2010 at House of Fraser, going nationwide from May. (Limited edition)

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