Sneaky Peek: Lipstick Queen Big Bang

lipstick queen

Show me anything in a test tube and I'm sold - it's no wonder I'm such a fan of Prescriptives custom blend services, the liquid versions of which use sciency things like tubes and syringes in the mixing process. Add being a big Lipstick Queen fan into the mix, and you'll see I was pretty much immediately down with LQ creator Poppy King's newest gloss-attack, Big Bang. Test tube packaging, check. Boffin-tastic name, check. Fab colours, check check check.


We won't be seeing these in the Dublin Space NK until April but I had a go of one in Barneys when I was in New York last week and I am liking: thick, chromatic and super-duper-glossy, Big Bang Energy (5th from left) is the one I honed in on, and the one I'll be picking up when they go on counter.

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