SS10: Pastel Perfection at Christian Dior

OH GWAD would you lookit that? Lets let Max, the Hart's housekeeper at it again: GOIJUS.

I think, come summer, I'll be rocking some Chanel-inspired heart-shaped pouffy hair, adorned with as many embellishments as I can cram on, plus the statement maquillage you see on those fine fillies above.

Too much? Ha! I laugh in the face, etc


Makeup maestro Pat McGrath was out in force in Paris for Christian Dior's couture show and she designed a series of looks featuring pastel eyes and bold red lips. The purple and baby blue varieties set my heart a flutter, so that's what I'll be channeling. Oh yes.

This is quite a matte look: think a very clean base, soft brows, a true-red lip and for eyes, as much matte pastel shadow as you can pack on there - oh and take it well above the crease. If your shadow has just a smidgen of shimmer, then that's ok too, but the ones to avoid are metallics, anything wet-look, iridiscent or super-shimmery if you want to pull this off convincingly. Lastly? A bit of winged liner and lots of mascara'll finish this off to perfection.

And I cannot wait to try it!

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