St Tropez Everyday

st tropez everyday.jpgMy new favourite product. I might even go so far as to say... it's a hero product!

Yes, you know we don't use the term lightly here at It's reserved only for the highest quality, most necessary, can't possibly live without, lotions, potions and other gorgeous gloop.

St Tropez Everyday is like a high quality version of Johnsons Holiday Skin. It works on exactly the same principle - slap in on after your shower in the morning or before you go to bed and day after day it builds into a natural looking tan.

Except... Holiday Skin, great price and all that it is, is not without it's problems. It isn't very moisturising at all. It looks patchy and dirty after the third application unless you exfoliate really well. But if you forget, you end up with grimy looking arms and legs. NOT a good look!


St Tropez Every Day is a much much more luxurious version of this moisturise/ tan product. The full strength St Tropez can be pretty tricky to apply - you need special gloves, a good application technique - or better still go to a professional and get it done properly.

The Everyday is easy to apply, actually moisturises and smells great. It cost me about €20 in Boots for 200ml and already it's one of my can't live withouts.

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