Stacy Bracy asks: how to make getting braces in your 30s less traumatic

teeth_0205.jpgStacy wrote to me in despair. She's getting braces put on, shes in her thirties and she's just not looking forward to it at all. She doesn't want any stupid comparisons to Ugly Betty, she want tips to make this necessity as unobtrusive as possible.

Well I have a friend who got her braces fitted in her thirties and she was full of advice. They never bothered her really she said. In fact, so little did they diminish her confidence that she actually began performing as a stand up comedian while the braces were in situ. She was great, she performed at loads of stand up gigs like the Cats Laugh in Kilkenny and we all laughed our socks off.

So okay, this probably isn't going to help Stacy much. It might not have bothered my friend, but it's bothering her. So here's our suggestions.

  • Get in touch with the Dental Health Foundation (01 4780466) and ask them to recommend an orthodontist who works primarily with adults
  • Ask for clear or porcelain braces. You can barely see them. In fact I worked with a guy for two years without noticing he had braces. (Don't know if that says more about me or the braces...)
  • You can even get the braces fitted on the inside of your teeth (but this can be uncomfortable as well as more expensive).
  • Get recommendations for dentists/orthodontists. So this is where it's over to you, oh Beaut.ieous ones. Have you got any recommendations for Stacy? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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