Storage Solutions

muji storage boxesThere's nothing worse than spending your hard earned cashmoney on lovely makeup products and then just not being able to lay your hands on them when you want to, because they're in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, or mixed in with all your bathroom stuff.

I'm pretty much storage mad in all walks of life. Like Coco Chanel, I believe you can never be too rich or have too many cupboards. Or something like that anyway. So what I suggest for Optimum Makeup Storage is a small set (or 3) of perspex drawers. They're clear, so you can see exactly what you've got, and you can use each drawer for one product type, thus handily filing your slap.


So where would a storage mad makeupista buy such a thing? I got mine in Muji, for the scandalously rip off price of €26. Recently, I saw something almost identical in Habitat for about €12. Typical.

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